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Founded by designer Jen Menchaca in 2005, Nation LTD is the women’s brand of soft, relaxed products that inspire confidence and make sexy effortless.

The key word for Nation fabrics is “ultra-soft.” We have worked with our manufacturers to develop high-quality, beautiful fabrics with great hand feel.  Customers who touch (and wear) our clothes love the softness, even to the point of becoming obsessed.

"Never Loan Out." Seriously. Hang on to your Nation clothes. You won't get them back.


Jen's Story

jen.jpgI didn't grow up telling everyone I wanted to be a fashion designer. In fact, I was encouraged to be an engineer. My dad worked at NASA and tried to lure me into the same business, starting with the cashier position at the official NASA gift shop during the summers. I refused for many reasons; most importantly, I'd have to wear a space suit. I didn't have a huge interest in couture, just didn't want to look like a fool.

I went to U.T. and got a B.S. in advertising, then shipped myself out to New York City (expensive, gleaming portfolio in hand) and became a professional cocktail waitress, eventually working my way up to weekend bartender. After five years I moved to Los Angeles to work in Hollywood and got my first job with David E. Kelley Productions on the hit T.V. series, Ally McBeal. M

eanwhile, I had always coveted my Dad’s old white v-necks. The problem is if I had worn them in public, people would have offered me spare change to go buy a fresh one. They weren’t pretty, but they were comfy, darn it. So I decided to recreate one without the unsightly paint stains and yellow-ish tint. I came up with the perfect vintage white v-neck t-shirt for women. And people wore it.

I held two jobs as long as I could and eventually Nation LTD became so big that I had to leave "the biz," an industry in which I had spent nine wonderful years.

I never did wear the space suit like Dad wanted... But I’m still reaching for the stars.

– Jen